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Wedding Planning Tips in 2020 and Beyond: A Vendor Spotlight with New Creations Wedding & Design

Are you engaged and starting to plan the wedding of your dreams? Congratulations! If you are wondering where to start, here are a few suggestions:

· Take time to celebrate with your fiancé and have fun with family and friends! Wedding planning stress down the road is sometimes inevitable.

· Find wedding resources online that are helpful. The Snohomish Wedding Guild also sponsors the Snohomish Wedding Tour, an event that showcases our member venues and wedding professionals. The event takes place annually, on the 1st Sunday following Memorial Day.

· Research and assemble your wedding team! Start by finding your venue first. We also recommend investing in a wedding planner! @MySnohomishWedding has a full directory of wedding professionals including venues and planners. Not only will a wedding planner help organize your wedding vendor team, they will help you navigate the ever-changing regulations and mandates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We interviewed Rebecca Grant of New Creations Wedding Design & Coordination, and we hope you find some valuable wedding planning tips in the vendor spotlight below!

Wedding planning can be busy and stressful enough, what are some helpful tips for couples navigating wedding planning during the current times and even post pandemic?

Rebecca Grant, with New Creations Wedding Design & Coordination, emphasizes the importance of being as flexible as possible because there are ways to be creative with your wedding celebration, “…. I’ve encouraged my couples to talk with me about what their priority is. Is it about keeping the date but still really wanting a big party? In which case, we’ll do a ceremony this year, and move the big party to the following year. Is it about a huge dance party and a large person guest count? In which we’ll look at moving the entire event. Or is it about just moving forward and being able to get married and start your newlywed life together? In which we’ll do just the ceremony/reception this year in a downsized capacity (under current mandates) and make it the best day possible with nothing moving into the coming year.” Rebecca Grant noted that most couples will fall into one of those three camps, and that, “it really helps them sort out what and where their priority is. It makes it so much easier to move forward with next steps.”

What is the biggest value in hiring a full-scale wedding planner?

As a premier wedding planner in the Snohomish and Seattle areas, New Creations Wedding Design & Coordination has helped so many couples navigate their wedding plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re all trying to navigate as best as possible, but planners are built for this. We are the constant problem-solvers of every event. We know how to make the best of the worst situations. Guiding our couples through this is no different. We will always offer our best advice, a shoulder to cry on and carry the couples and fellow vendors through this craziness,” Grant on explaining how she and her company New Creations Wedding Design & Coordination advocate for their clients.

What is the best plan of action should you have to reschedule your original wedding date?

New Creations Wedding Design & Coordination is well-versed in change of plans and dates. Grant points out that this has been such a huge value to her clients, however she suggests “if you don’t have a planner and are trying to navigate this all on your own, it’s all about communication. Reach out to your venue first to check date availability. Select your top three dates, then submit those to the rest of your entire vendor team. Pick the one that has mutual availability for the majority, if not all, of your vendor team. Get addendums going with all your vendors to reflect the release of your old date and the confirmation of your new date.”