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My Snohomish Wedding: An Intimate, Romantic Elopement at Twin Willow Gardens

Twin Willow Gardens is a private outdoor venue in the forest rich hills of Snohomish that boasts all the tranquility and natural beauty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Here is a look at an intimate and romantic elopement at Twin Willow Gardens that took place this fall! Like so many engaged couples this year, Kalie and Jeffrey faced many challenges with their original wedding date and plans. The couple was able to find an alternative date this year and decided on an intimate and heartfelt elopement at Twin Willow Gardens surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

The couple and their guests were all smiles that day and they still have the party of a lifetime to look forward to! The featured bride and groom's reception and dance party will take place at Twin Willow Gardens next year with other Snohomish Wedding Guild vendors including beats by PJ Parsons Presents and photos by Joanna Monger Photography.

About Twin Willow Gardens

Nestled in the quiet hills of Snohomish, Twin Willow Gardens is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue with a romantic forest garden feel. Features include the hand-built, rustic “Cedar Chapel,” quiet forest paths, manicured gardens, a tented reception area, bridal suite cottages, a covered caterer’s area, and a fully-cemented patio that is perfect for dancing! Twin Willow Gardens is now open for tours either by private or virtual appointment.

Lastly, please enjoy this sneak peak of their elopement by Joanna Monger Photography and stay tuned for updates and photos from their upcoming reception!

Snohomish Wedding Professionals Featured:

Twin Willow Gardens

Joanna Monger Photography

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