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Booking Vendors: A Wedding Planning Timeline

Photo by Malorie Kerouac at Woodland Meadow Farms in Snohomish, a wedding venue near Seattle, WA. | My Snohomish Wedding | Snohomish Wedding Planning |

If you’re in the throws of wedding planning, it may feel like a big undertaking. It certainly has the potential for that, but have no fear! With a little organization, planning your dream day can be as easy as (wedding) cake! Check out the following guide with timelines for hiring your vendors, AKA wedding planning powerhouses!

On average, couples spend a little over a year planning their wedding, so this guide is organized around that time frame. If you have less than that, your dream wedding is still totally doable! Simply condense this guide to fit your planning schedule.

12 Months Before Your Wedding

Wedding Planner: Wedding planners have such a wealth of knowledge and serve as your right-hand person before AND during your big day. If you have the budget for one, hiring an experienced planner is money well spent. Some couples hire planners to help with the entire process, including venue selection, but many also book their planner after selecting their venue. For a list of our wedding planners, including day-of coordination, click HERE. Wedding Venue: Okay, trust us on this one. Booking your wedding venue well in advance is a big deal. Open dates can fill quickly and until your venue is booked, you won’t have an official wedding date—which impacts the hiring of your other vendors, as many will gauge their availability off this date. Some venues also require specific caterers, bartenders, etc., and some include rentals. This is great information to know before you get too deep into planning. For a list of our wedding venues, click HERE.

10 Months Before Your Wedding

Photographer: Years from now, you’ll be grateful for beautiful pictures of your wedding. The day can end in a flash, but your photos will serve as a lasting reminder. Be sure to give yourself enough time to choose a photographer--you’ll want to consider their style and cost, and you’ll also want to ensure your personalities mesh. You’ll be together quite a bit on your big day! For a list of our photographers, click HERE.

Videographer: If capturing video of your wedding is important to you, you’ll want to book your videographer early as well—their availability tends to also fill quickly. We have some great videographers; for a list of our members, click HERE.

Florist: Floral arrangements can bring such vibrancy and life to your celebration. If you have a theme and color scheme, your floral arrangements will also tie these things together. Find a florist that best fits your wedding style, vision, and budget HERE. Catering: Most couples spend a good portion of their wedding budget on catering. Your caterer will help you decide on your reception’s serving style, whether it’s plated, family-style, buffet, etc. They’ll also provide a pre-wedding tasting to help you narrow down your menu. For a diverse list of our caterers, click