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Snohomish Wedding Tour: Our Top Tips

Photo of Hidden Meadows, a wedding venue in Snohomish located near Seattle, WA. | My Snohomish Wedding | Snohomish Wedding Planning

Photo of Hidden Meadows, by Arlene Chambers

The 11th Annual Snohomish Wedding Tour is a free, self-guided wedding show through Snohomish-area chapels, ballrooms, manors, and farms-and luckily, it’s just two weeks away! YEEESSSS! Falling on Sunday, June 2nd, it features 17 unique venues and over 100 top-notch wedding professionals, many the best in Puget Sound. It’s sure to provide plenty of wedding planning inspiration, and our goal is to help bring your weddings dreams to life.

To get the most out of The Tour, we’ve compiled a list of 6 suggestions to maximize your Tour experience. Please read on for more, and be sure to check out The Tour e-magazine for details on each venue and their vendor team, emailed to each registered attendee!

Not yet registered? No problem! You can do so HERE for free.

Our 6 Top Tour Tips:

  • Pick 4 or 5 venues to visit. Most tour participants comfortably visit 4 or 5 locations, but you’re welcome to visit as many or as few as you like!

  • Plan your route. The map on page 2 inside The Tour magazine lists each venue and their address. From there, you can plot the most efficient route. All registered Tour participants receive The Tour e-magazine via email, so if you haven’t already, you can register HERE.

  • Know your guest count and approximate budget, if able. This is especially helpful when shopping for a venue and / or vendors, as The Tour offers a chance to meet multiple wedding professionals face-to-face, all on the same day. Having an estimated guest count and budget on-hand serves as a framework you both can build from.

  • Bring someone. From caterers, to DJs, to videographers and everything in between, The Tour provides a ton of options! If you’re able to, it’s a good idea to bring along someone whose opinion you trust and can bounce ideas off of. Plus, great company adds to the fun!

  • Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking as you visit each venue, and comfortable shoes definitely help in having a more enjoyable experience. Trust us on this one-you’ll want to concentrate on planning your wedding pain-free!

  • Don’t eat too much beforehand. There will be tons of samples from our catering, dessert, and beverage vendors. Come with an empty stomach, because you will likely leave very full!

See you in two weeks!

Photos 1-3: The Wooden Spoon & Snohomish Pie Company, Hidden Meadows venue, by Arlene Chambers Photography

Photo 4: Block Weddings display, Crossroads venue, by Melissa Miksch Photography