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Tentwood: A Rustic Traveling Wedding Venue

Photo of a bride and groom in front of rustic traveling wedding venue, Tentwood barn. | My Snohomish Wedding | Snohomish Wedding Planning

Despite our recent bouts of snow, spring is almost here! Longer days and warmer weather signal the beginning of outdoor wedding season-and with its beautiful rolling hills, picturesque mountain views, and a charming, laid-back vibe, Snohomish is a prime location. You may already have the perfect spot in mind!

When planning an outdoor wedding, it’s a good idea to consider what covered options are also available. We know, we know. No one wants to think about the weather on their wedding day. There are so many controllable variables in wedding planning, but the forecast just isn’t on that list. PNW weather is famously unpredictable and a clear, sunny morning can quickly turn to gray rain showers by the afternoon. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to plan for possible storm clouds. Besides, even if it doesn’t rain, it’s nice to offer guests shaded respite during the hot summer months.

Large tents are popular, but there’s also another option that’s so unique, you probably didn’t know of its existence-an authentic, traveling rustic red barn that comes directly to you. The first of its kind, Tentwood Traveling Venues is a mobile wedding venue company with a surprisingly simple concept. A professional crew of ten delivers the barn, sets it up, and then completely breaks it down once your wedding is over. Voila!

Barn set up and break down typically consists of a day each, but one of the benefits of utilizing Tentwood is having multiple days of usage. If your wedding is on a Saturday, for example, barn set up will likely be Thursday, allowing all of Friday for decorating, the rehearsal dinner, and whatever else you may need it for, etc. Feeling too exhausted on Saturday night to pack up decorations afterwards? Conveniently, you can do it on Sunday before break down.

The barn itself is 1,000 square feet and can seat 100 guests. Made from salvaged building materials, it features 14-foot ceilings, weathered wood panels, aged steel roofing, and an aluminum frame. Decorative chandeliers, romantic string lights, tables and chairs, and a generator make this rustic barn venue complete.

Tentwood Traveling Venues recently held an equine-themed open house featuring several Snohomish Wedding Guild vendors: Seattle Farm Tables, Sweet Buffet Lady, Miked Up Productions, and Shutterbus Co. Please enjoy a few pictures from their open house.

You can also see a time-lapsed video of set up and break down here:

Lastly, to see this traveling barn first-hand, be sure to register for The Snohomish Wedding Tour. Featuring 17 beautiful wedding venues and over 100 top-notch wedding vendors, it’s a free event you won’t want to miss! Click here to attend.