Engagement Photo Outfits: What To Wear

An engaged couple embraces on top of a windy hill for their engagement photo shoot. | My Snohomish Wedding | Wedding planning near Seattle, WA.

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Not sure what to wear for your engagement photo outfit? You’re not alone! After all, figuring out the perfect attire to wear individually, let alone as a cohesive couple, can be stressful. Your engagement photo session is meant to be fun. It’s a relaxed prelude to the ones taken on your wedding day, so take a deep breath! We promise, the science behind choosing what to wear isn’t too complicated. For useful tips in narrowing down the right choices, please read on!

Wear Comfortable Clothes You Love

During your engagement shoot, you’ll be asked to try several different poses. Often, inspiration comes while you’re in the moment, and it’s hard to predict what ideas will suddenly pop up. This makes for a fun, unique experience! You’ll want to wear something that’s comfortable, that you can move freely in, and that allows you to sit down without having to constantly readjust. Also, make sure to bring at least one other change of clothes. Your engagement session isn’t meant to be a fashion shoot, but it’s common to photograph a few different looks. Some couples opt for a casual outfit and a dressier one, for example. Wrinkle-free materials, like jersey, chambray, or wool are great fabric choices to consider too.

Choose Timeless Pieces

Fads die out quickly, and what’s in fashion today may leave us scratching our heads tomorrow. Because your engagement photos are meant to always be treasured, consider wearing classic pieces that have withstood the test of time-like dark-washed jeans, a knit sweater, or a simple, well-fitting top. A flashy, complicated outfit can be distracting, as can large logos, graphics, and busy patterns. Bold-colored shoes, a statement necklace, or a patterned scarf layered over a classic, solid A-line dress, for example, look trendy without going overboard. If you’re wearing multiple outfits, you can add cohesion to your photos by incorporating similar colors and textures with the outfits you choose.

Coordinate as a Couple

The key to pulling off a coordinated look-without looking too matchy-matchy-is to choose clothes and accessories that complement each other but aren’t too repetitious in color, theme, or texture. Little details, like red-framed eyeglasses to match your fiancé’s red sweater, for example, enhance the harmony of a picture. Other accessories, like ties, scarves, belts, jewelry, and shoes are also great opportunities to tie your look together. Lastly, as a couple, you can enhance the cohesive feel by choosing colors that have similar tones in the color wheel, like neutral, warm, and cool colors.

Dress for the Weather

In the fall and winter, it’s okay to bundle up. Don’t be afraid to embrace a little stormy PNW weather if your shoot is outdoors! Embracing the weather with the one you love may give your photos an even sweeter feel to them. Layers of cozy knits and a warm jacket make for a cute engagement session style.

If your engagement photo session is in the spring or summer, you can capitalize on the warmer weather with a flow-y dress, a maxi skirt, or shorts, for example. Add a denim jacket, strappy sandals, or go barefoot, and your relaxed summer look is all set.

In closing, as we promised, selecting the right attire isn’t too hard! By keeping a few things in mind, narrowing down the perfect outfit for your engagement photo session is an easy science. If you’ve already taken your engagement photos, what did you wear?

If you haven’t yet, what are you planning on wearing?


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