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Three Things to Tell Your Wedding Caterer

Mini wedding catering desserts by Navi's Catering Kitchen, a Snohomish wedding caterer. |

Catering by Navi's Catering Kitchen, Photography by Jenny GG Photography

Did you know that wedding catering is one of the biggest details to consider when planning your special day? It’s certainly one of the most expensive. Like with everything else, it requires planning, preparation, creativity, and flexibility, and it all begins long before the first appetizers hit the plate. If you’re looking for ways to make this experience a success, here are three things to communicate to your wedding caterer that’ll help it be just that.

Before the Wedding: Create a Budget & be Honest About it

From the start, a wedding caterer works closely with their clients to craft a custom menu that may include appetizers, drinks from the bar, dinner, and maybe dessert, coffee, and late-night bites. They’ll want to know about your likes and dislikes, food allergies and sensitivities, and any dishes that are special to you as a couple. Before they can even begin to conceptualize a menu, however, they will also need to know the budget parameters of what they’ll have to work with. Sometimes couples don’t readily have this number, perhaps because one hasn’t been determined yet. Whatever the reason, figuring it out before your first meeting and then having an open dialogue about it when you do meet is important, as it gives the caterer a basic frame to build from.

If your budget is restricted, a good caterer will be as a creative as possible within reason. They may be able to offer alternatives you weren’t even aware of. Using in-season ingredients, comparison pricing from different sources, and selecting the right protein--such as pork, chicken, or cod--can help. If you’re in this boat, according to Navinesh Mudaliar of Navi’s Catering Kitchen, “…we can still create something of quality with love and care. There is never a reason to skimp on those things.”

Wedding catering by Navi's Catering Kitchen, a Snohomish wedding caterer. |

Catering by Navi's Catering Kitchen, Photography by Jenny GG Photography

During the Wedding: Communicate Timeline Changes

Your wedding caterer is on your team, working to bring the vision of your big day to reality. In turn, they also need your cooperation in doing this. One of the best things you can do to help your caterer on your wedding day is to communicate changes to the timeline as they occur. Ideally, any changes will filter through a wedding planner, a day-of coordinator, or another point of contact, because nobody wants to pester the actual couple on their wedding day. Point being, your caterer realizes this is likely the most meaningful dinner you’ll ever host. Serving a menu that’s raved about long after the wedding is over is any caterer’s dream, and they realize it’s a dream likely shared by you, too. They’ll aim to serve dishes that are beautiful, tasty, fresh, and at the perfect temperature. If they’re made aware of changes to the schedule, they can adjust their own timeline to make those things happen.