Three Reasons to Hire Snohomish Wedding Guild Vendors for Your Wedding

Photo Credits: Breanna Marie Photography at Maroni Meadows

Wow, what a summer! We've had some funky weather and, of course, the smoke from the wildfires, but that did not stop the dozens and dozens of weddings from happening in Snohomish this year. We have seen so many great ones that it just reassures us of what we've always known in the Guild - We have AMAZING wedding professionals who call Snohomish home.

So, perhaps you just got engaged or you went to a wedding in Snohomish sometime during the last couple of months and thought "Man! I need to get married here too!" Well, let me tell you - if you want a picture-perfect wedding, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you - you can't go wrong with a Snohomish Wedding vendor team. And here are three reasons why.

Snohomish Is A Great Value!

Not only do many of our vendors work in the Snohomish area regularly at our venues, but many live in the area as well. That means that their overall costs of doing business are much lower than a Seattle based vendor. And, naturally, that savings is passed on to our couples. Now, before you start thinking that "cheaper" means, well, CHEAP - keep in mind that several of our vendors in the Snohomish Wedding Guild are award-winning pros and have been recognized not only by couples but by their peers in the industry as being the best at what they do.

Photo Credits: Planning & Floral by EVENTful Moments. Photo by Joanna Monger Photography at Crossroads.

Your Snohomish Wedding Guild Team is A Well-Oiled Wedding Machine!

If you go through some of our Real Weddings posts here on the site or cruise around on Instagram and Facebook, you'll notice how some of our vendors work with one another on a regular basis. And that's because over the course of the years of doing weddings together, our Vendors have figured out how to make the entire wedding vendor team ensemble work the best for everyone. You want a beautiful, unforgettable wedding. And vendors want the same.

But, because this is their job and they do weddings for a living, Vendors also want everything to run smoothly for themselves. That means when they have worked with one another time and time again, they know how to collaborate with each other. And not only is that convenient for them, but again, it means they run their businesses efficiently and that is a benefit you see, again, in what they charge you for your wedding. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Photo Credits: DJ by PJ Parsons Presents, Photo by Melissa Miksch Photogrpahy at Twin Willow Gardens

Keeping It Local Is Great For Our Community and You

You have probably learned over the years about the benefits of choosing local when purchasing goods and services, whether that's buying direct from a farmer at a Farmer's Market or shopping at a Mom & Pop store in your neighborhood. This small incremental choices keep revenues in the area and supports the local economy. Well, obviously the same applies here.

Making a conscience choice to use all Snohomish-based vendors for your Snohomish wedding means that you are supporting the local economy from top to bottom. And since a lot of our venues are actually farms, you are also supporting agri-tourism. And agri-tourism, as you may have read in an earlier post, is a vital way for farms to be economically viable. And in the end, our venues, as beautiful as they are, need great vendors such as planners, rental companies, DJ's and everyone else in order to look and be the best location for your wedding or event.

Now, aside from giving you a warm-feeling for doing your part to support our wonderful community, keeping your team in Snohomish and close to your venue is great for you because it's convenient. Yes, during your wedding planning process, you are going to meet with your vendors and you can minimize your running around time if they are all close together. You might plan an afternoon to visit you venue and have your vendors meet you there - which they love to do because they live in Snohomish and it's easy to get to! And I think we can agree that wedding planning is stressful, so why stress about something you don't need to if you can make it all more convenient? And again, convenience doesn't mean you have to give up quality or amazing - did I mention many of our vendors are the best in the area in what they do?

So, while you are here on, feel free to pop over to the Vendor Directory and check out our members. And happy planning!