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Video Post: An August Wedding at Lookout Lodge

Snohomish has had another amazing summer of events this year. However, we will all probably remember this summer for the intense wildfires and the poor air quality we had. At least I will!

This week we want to share with you another real Snohomish wedding from August of 2018 at the Lookout Lodge, created by fellow Guild member Ashley L. Productions.

The Lookout Lodge is a unique venue in Snohomish because not only does it have a great balance of PNW forests with open space, but they also have on-site vacation rentals for overnight stays. You can find out more about the options at their other website, Pacific Northwests Getaways.

The Lookout Lodge is also open June through October, making it on the short list of locations in Snohomish where you can have a dreamy, outdoor Fall wedding.

Check out Ashley's video to see it all for yourself!