Snohomish and Fall: Another Match Made in Heaven

Around these parts, the middle of September usually signals the winding down of wedding season for some folks. However, for some of Snohomish's family farms, this is the time of when they are getting ready for pumpkin season and Snohomish's famous Festival of Pumpkins. For farming communities, agritourism is a vital way for small farms to sustain themselves economically. Festivals, weddings and other events provide supplemental income as well as give farms better exposure to their crops and products. When people come out and visit a farm and have a warm and wonderful experience, it helps us all realize how important it is to support a local farm.

So, when fall rolls around, you get to see our farms in action. And this means that most of our farm venues in the Snohomish Wedding Guild aren't available for weddings. On the other hand, they are amazing places to bring your friends and family and each provides its own unique Snohomish Fall adventure. In fact, you will very likely see many Snohomish Wedding Guild vendors enjoying themselves at these places. So, we've given you a helpful guide for planning your trip back to Snohomish next month.

Craven Farms

This farm gets first mention because they created the first pumpkin patch in the Snohomish Valley! So, all we know and love about Snohomish and the great fall activities is due in part of the work of our friends at Craven. Craven Farms is a "scare-free" experience - perfect for families with small children. Admission to the farm is free and they have a Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze and the Night Owl Maze in Pumpkinland for those who love a nighttime adventure. Their Fall Festival actually begins on September 22 - so any of your early birds who can't wait to celebrate fall can get started soon! Visit them at www.cravenfarm.comto learn more!

craven farm pumpkin patch

Stocker Farms

Stocker Farms is best known in the wedding industry as the Red Barn. In farming, they are a multi-crop, longtime family farm that has been in the area for generations. In the fall, Red Barn is where families can come for pumpkins and then right after, Stock Farms roll right into Christmas season where they sell trees they grow right there. Stocker Farms is known for it's themed Corn Maze each year. And this year's theme is "Who's Your Hero?" with proceeds earned through tickets supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington. Stocker Farms also has nighttime activities, both scary and non-scary. To see more, visit them at

stocker farms corn maze 2018

The Farm at Swan's Trail

The Farm at Swan's Trail has been hosting families for 19 years now. Starting with only 5 acres of pumpkins, wagon rides, a petting farm and hay maze, the fall festivals have allowed the family farm to grow and sustain itself, like so many of our other Snohomish farms. Now, the farm has the Washington State Corn Maze, the Pig Show, duck races, play area, putting course, u-pick apples, sweet corn and great food have provided families with an opportunity for having fun together and building memories. Their fall festival begins on September 29. You can visit here to learn more

Thomas Family Farms

Known during wedding season as Crossroads, Thomas Family Farms is the go-to place in the Snohomish Valley when it comes to being terrified - if you are in to that sort of thing. Families can experience a corn maze, pumpkin patch, great food vendors and the like. But what sets Thomas apart is the Nightmare on 9 Haunted House and their Zombie Paintball. So, if you have teenagers or you just love a good old-fashioned Halloween fright with your pumpkin-spiced latte or glass of wine, this is the place to go.

You can see all of this year's activities at