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Introducing the "New" Twin Willow Gardens

If you know the Snohomish wedding market, then you know that Twin Willow Gardens has been a staple of the Snohomish Wedding Guild for many years. However, it has undergone some ownership changes in the last four years after the original owners sold the venue.

Just the past year, it was purchased again by Rhea and Rio Ingram in late 2017. The couple was introduced at the Snohomish Wedding Guild January meeting and received a warm welcome from the members.

Since taking over the venue, the Ingram's have put in significant time, energy and investment into updating the venue. So, while many have been to a wedding at Twin Willow Gardens over the years, it's fair to say that the new version is not what you remember. And our members will get a chance to see for themselves when Twin Willow Gardens hosts the next Snohomish Wedding Guild meeting.

Because of all the new updates & changes, we wanted to interview Rhea and have her tell us what's new with the venue.

When did you buy Twin Willow Gardens?

We purchased Twin Willow Gardens in December, 2017 but did not take possession until February 2018.

Why did you choose that venue?

We found this property almost 4 years ago when the original owners were selling it and it struck a deep cord with us. We instantly felt like we were home and we wanted nothing more than a property that we could raise our family on and would allow us to live off the land.

Why did you decide to get into the wedding venue business?

I (Rhea) was in the corporate event planning world and doing weddings was a natural transition from that. Both of us felt we had the attention to detail to excel in this industry and we really enjoy helping others make their dreams a reality. This business gives us that perfect opportunity.

What is something new about Twin Willow Gardens?

Since taking over, we have completed several significant renovations and additions to the venue including finishing an indoor event space along with a tiny home village for the bridal party to get ready in.