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Get Published! Launches a new Real Snohomish Weddings Submission Process

It's no lie - we love Snohomish. Obviously. And we love to be able to show the world not only what a wonderful place it is to host a wedding or event but also all of the high-quality professionals who live and work in the area. Plus, all of us in the industry will tell you that meeting so many amazing couples and their families and friends is what inspires us to do what we do. I mean, just look at this picture by Arlene Chambers Photography taken at Jardin Del Sol and should be obvious why we want to show off a little!

So, this week we have launched a new program that invites our couples to get their wedding published on

Since launching our new website in December of last year, has been visited over 15,000 times! And the most popular articles we have are of the Real Snohomish Weddings. We know that couples are looking for inspiration and ideas on how to plan their own Snohomish wedding. But also, Snohomish wedding venues are some of the most beautiful in the state - not to mention several have gotten national recognition for their uniqueness. So we think is a great platform for any couple that wants to see their wedding be recognized for its beauty, style and spirit and be featured by us.

Plus, we know that many couples choose a Snohomish wedding over other places because of the freedom to do things that aren't possible at other locations. For example, if you wanted to have a Flower Mini-Horse in your wedding party. (Photo by Arlene Chambers Photography.)

We have added a new page with all of the Submission Requirements and a link to the online Submission Form. Our biggest stipulation is that the professional wedding team needs to have at least three Snohomish Wedding Guild members - including the Venue.