Real Snohomish Wedding: Forested Relaxed Wedding With Backyard Vibes

Admittedly, it's hard to not think of historic farms and barns when someone mentions a Snohomish Wedding. But, Snohomish is also home to some amazing outdoor venues that are rustic, elegant, lush, and most importantly - leaving you feeling warm, relaxed. And believe it or not, we have some stunning quintessential Pacific Northwest venues full of towering evergreens - no trips to the mountains required!

This week, we're sharing a wedding that was recently published in Bridal Musings. The wedding took place at one of Snohomish's best-loved outdoor wedding venues - Maroni Meadows and included another amazing team of Snohomish Wedding Guild professionals. EVENful Moments handled all of the wedding planning and coordination, while Otto-Matic was there to provide the music for the ceremony and reception.

“Lastly, we had the best dance party ever. You know it was good when the groom splits his pants and the bride may have found a small tear in hers later as well!”

Enjoy this beautiful gallery of this wonderful Snohomish wedding. All photos are by Megan Klein Photography.