From Farm to Wedding: How to Source Snohomish Flowers

Venue: Woodland Meadow Farms, Photo Credit: Tony Asgari Photography

Is there anything more uplifting or a better “pick me up” than grabbing a bouquet of flowers to put on your kitchen table and brighten your week? If you love that, imagine how much fun and dreamy it would be to handpick the flowers for a wedding - your wedding in fact!


There are many benefits to using locally grown flowers for your big day. The first and most

obvious is that you get to source and pick them yourself. You get to be the one looking at the colors and shapes and deciding what you love the most. You also get to talk with the farmer or grower about what would be best for your time of year, your colors, and your budget and get suggestions straight from the source.

Just as fresh ingredients are becoming more popular in the food industry, using locally

grown flowers is using the freshest products available to you. Because most of the flowers

found in U.S. shops are imported, they travel from far away and are packed in boxes without any water. This means they are stale and being treated with chemicals to help them last longer. Partnering with local growers takes out the middleman and sources the freshest flowers straight to you. This also means that they will be more vibrant, better smelling, and last longer than ones shipped from afar. And in some cases, you will be able to get more variety by sourcing flowers that are not able to be imported or do not ship well.

Another positive to using locally grown flowers is that you are directly supporting local

farmland and your local farmers. You are helping to keep agriculture sustainable, and

minimizing your environmental impact. If having a sustainable wedding is important for

you, this is a great place to start.

Photo Credit: B. Jones Photography. Venue: Green Gates at Flowing Lake

Where Do You Find Locally Grown Flowers?

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits, let’s chat about HOW to get locally sourced

flowers! Given that we are located in the PNW and more specifically in Snohomish, WA, here are some ideas.

Pike Place Market: I’m sure you’ve been to Pike Place and seen the enormous amount of

flowers there in the spring and summer. It’s such a gorgeous sight! If you’re a bit on the

braver side, you could go there 2-4 days before your wedding day, pick whatever is in

season and get your girlfriends together to have an arranging party to make the bouquets,

centerpieces, etc. If you’re not a fan of spontaneity, going there a few months or more in

advance and talking with the farmers about what you’re looking for is a great starting point.

Then they will have time to plant or cultivate the varieties you want and put together a

proposal for you. (Photo credit Tonie Christine Photography, flowers by Paeonia Pines)

Photo Credit: B. Jones Photography. Venue: Craven Farm

Local Farmers Market: In Snohomish, we have a great farmers market on Thursdays from

May - September downtown! It’s most likely much easier to form a relationship with a local

farmer here on a smaller scale than Pike Place, and you’ll get more attention and service,

too. Even if these smaller farmers don’t have the variety or specific bloom you are looking

for, I bet they know another local farmer who does and can partner with them. (Photo credit Jenny GG Photography, flowers by Paeonia Pines)

Photo Credit: Gsquared Photography of locally sourced flowers arranged by Paeonia Pines.

Direct Farmers: Perhaps the best option - going straight to the source! Flower Farmer Girls

is a mother-daughter team located in Snohomish who share a passion for growing cut flowers. They have long grown flowers for their own enjoyment, and are expanding to be able to share their bounty of fresh flowers with others. They offer, weekly bouquet subscriptions, wholesale flowers to fellow florists, and full service floral arrangements and bouquets for weddings and celebrations.

Photo Credit: B. Jones Photography. Venue: Green Gates at Flowing Lake

On your wedding day, you will be so happy that you decided to go the local flower route not only because of the vibrancy of the colors, the great smell, or the fact that they will stay

fresh for much longer, but because of the deep personalization that went into it. Knowing

that you picked the flowers and arranged them yourself or with a little bit of help, you will

feel more at ease on the big day knowing that you got exactly what you envisioned and

helped support some local farmers in the process!


Liz Adams owns and operates Adams Manor in Snohomish, a 13,000 sq ft mansion turned vacation rental property. She has more than 30 years of experience in the marketing and sales industry. Liz enjoys her family and grandchildren and is very much involved in their daily activities. She loves hosting parties at Adams Manor (where she also resides with her standard poodle Lucy).