It's Not Just Wedding Season! It's S'mores Season!

Y’all, it’s summer. And while it’s “wedding season” to every wedding professional and current couple in America, it’s also another season here in the great U.S.A.

S’mores season.

Ok, so maybe more generally speaking, it’s bonfire season. But we all know that the best part about camp fires (or fire pits if you don’t happen to be camping) are the delicious things you can cook on them. And we all know that the best thing you can cook on an open fire is dessert. So, while you’re in the midst of planning your wedding during the peak of s’mores season - maybe you should think about including them in your big event. Because almost everyone loves a gooey melty marshmallow.

Fire pits abound at the venues here in Snohomish. If you're planning a Snohomish wedding, you should find out if your venue has a fire pit available. And if you're planning your wedding outside the area, it doesn't hurt to check either!

Some venues, like Dairyland have big metal contraptions that they’ve installed in their courtyard just for the purpose of having big ol' fires during your reception.

fire pit s'mores at dairyland wedding melissa miksch photography

[Dairyland S'mores Pit by Melissa Miksch Photography]

Maroni Meadows simply has rings where fires are designated to be held. It has a decidedly backyard feel that just begs for someone to come hang out.

maroni meadows bonfire at snohomish wedding by melissa miksch photography

[Maroni Meadows Bonfire by Melissa Miksch Photography]

Jardin Del Sol has a paver-surrounded fire pit perfect for gathering around. You could probably even prop your feet up to warm if the night was particularly chilly.

s'mores at Jardin Del Sol snohomish wedding venue

[S'mores at Jardin Del Sol Shane Welch Photography]

And, perhaps the most creative solution I've seen, you’ll find fire pits in modified barrels at the Lookout Lodge .