When You Don't Need Alcohol To Have a Good Time: Tips For Having a Fun Dry Wedding

Dancing at Dairyland Wedding

{Dancing at Dairyland – Green Ginger Photography}

While beer, wine, and liquor are often something folks expect at a wedding reception, some couples prefer not to have any alcohol at their celebration for religious or other reasons. What do you do when you’ve decided to cut the booze? There are many fun and unique ways to still help your guests have a great time at your dry soiree. We’ve talked with a few awesome event pros in the area and have come up with some ideas for your wedding or next special event! If you’re hoping to just save some cash but would still like to have alcohol at your wedding, take a look at this other feature on our blog for tips to save money on catering. If you’re already planning to have alcoholic beverages at your wedding but are looking for some bonus amusements to add on to your nuptials, then, please, read on!


Often, alcohol can help guests loosen up and be more open to chatting and enjoying themselves. Having some fun interactive activities available for your guests to jump into will help break the ice.

Chad McNett, of Emerald City Photo Booth, said their photo booths are very versatile and can work for all kinds of events. From intimate classic sized booths to their open air “party booth” to fit a large or small group in one photo, you can customize the backdrop, add special text, and use fun prop kits to really get your guests laughing and engaging.

Photo booth for Snohomish wedding

{ color Photo booth pic: Dana Pleasant Photography}

Emerald City Photo Booth at Snohomish wedding

{black and white Photo booth pic: Emerald City Photo Booth}

Kids and adults alike will love these giant-sized lawn games from Yeti Yard Games. This husband and wife duo have created roughly eight different affordable options for couples to choose from. They have some classic games like corn hole, Jenga, and croquet, to more obscure options like Plinko and giant banana grams! Your guests will be competing all night. You might want to even come up with some prizes for winners!

yard games at snohomish wedding venue

Yard games at snohomish wedding venue

{Photos: Joanna Monger Photography}

Make sure to have a great band or DJ! This will help the fun atmosphere continue and keep your guests entertained, dancing, and partying into the night. The Snohomish Wedding Guild has a long list of fantastic music pros to choose from, so make sure to take a look!


When your guests would be waiting in line at the bar, instead, think about having a few fun stations to entertain and wow them with some delicious desserts or a few unique food items.

popcorn barn at snohomish wedding venue

{Popcorn Bar - Sweet Buffet Lady}

color-themed candy bar at snohomish wedding

{Color themed Candy Station - Sweet Buffet Lady}

fire pit at woodland meadow farms snohomish wedding venue

{S’more Station at Woodland Meadow Farms – Jeanne Phinney Photography}

cereal and milk shoots at snohomish wedding Twelve Baskets Catering

{Cereal and Milk Shooters - Twelve Baskets Catering}

donut bar at snohomish wedding by happy camper cocktail company

{Doughnut Bar by Happy Camper Cocktail Company – Lloyd Photographers}

cerviche station at snohomish wedding

{Interactive Ceviche Station - Twelve Baskets Catering}

sliders passed around at snohomish wedding

{Late Night Snacks tray passed on the dance floor from Twelve Baskets Catering – Alyssa Wilcox Photography}

dessert station by twelve baskets catering at dairyland snohomish wedding venue

{Dessert Station from Twelve Baskets Catering at Dairyland – Green Ginger Photography}


While your guests won’t be imbibing the traditional way, you can still make sure they enjoy themselves with fabulous non-alcoholic drinks and in a fun, cozy atmosphere that’s sure to impress!

wedding tent with seating lounge

{Modern Lounge and Tent – Grand Event Rentals}

seating lounge at wedding at dairyland snohomish wedding venue

{Lounge from Vintage Ambiance at Dairyland – Green Ginger Photography}

Happy Camper Cocktail (and Mocktails!) Company owner, Belinda Kelly, says that “Mocktail bars are becoming increasingly popular at events, and pouring "garden to glass" drinks are the perfect way to offer something that feels special but does not have alcohol. In addition to saving you money, a dry wedding can set an intimate tone for the event that ensures that the day is all about the couple and celebrating your marriage. If you begin with top quality drink ingredients and a good recipe, nearly any alcoholic drink can be edited to stand alone as a delicious mocktail. A popular one we like to serve to clients at wedding shows and expos is a Blueberry-Lavender mocktail we call the Field of Dreams.”

Other popular options they’ve offered include Cold Brew coffee bars, Italian Soda Bars and Ice Cream float bars with unique combinations like Valencia Orange & Thyme soda over Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. “With attention to delicious local ingredients and details like muddled herbs and fresh edible flowers, these drinks are every bit as special as an alcoholic offering” she says.

In their camper bar's draft system they can also offer Stumptown Cold Brew and local Timber City Ginger Beer on tap. “Pair these elevated non-alcoholic drink choices with lawn games and a doughnut bar by us, or a fruit pie bar from Snohomish Pie Co. and your wedding will be all about fun and flavor!”

happy camper cocktails serving drinks

{Happy Camper Cocktails serving up fresh drinks – Jennifer Tai Photography}

{Fruity Floral Mocktails from Happy Camper and florals from Diamond Floral – Angela & Evan Photography}

Leigh from Alexa’s Cafe and Catering suggests non-alcoholic mojitos for a fresh beverage. Use non-alcoholic mojito sprite, club soda, simple syrup, mint, and fresh lime for this yummy drink! She also thinks you can never go wrong with root beer floats, various Italian sodas, and even a lemonade bar for guests.

Party on the Rocks co-owner, Claire Fernandez, says some of her favorite non-boozy beverages are Blackberry lemonade, Cranberry pineapple ginger ale, and always fresh Lavender lemonade.

Stefanie from Forever Events Wedding and Event Coordination recommends having a signature mocktail or two at your wedding, such as this Grapefruit Basil Spritzer from Foodz Catering, which turns out citrusy and herbal with a beautiful pink hue.

{Grapefruit Basil Spritzer: Foodz Catering}

Here at Twelve Baskets, we recommend providing guests with various sparkling punches, such as Tropical Sparkling Punch and Sparkling Cranberry Lime Spritzer.

Tropical Sparkling Punch Recipe by Twelve Baskets Catering

{Sparkling Punches from Twelve Baskets Catering - Julianna J Photography}

{Market “Bar” set up from Twelve Baskets Catering – Green Ginger Photography}

{Fruit juice, salt, and soda Mock-aritas from Twelve Baskets Catering – Green Ginger Photography}

{Lemonade Stand – G Squared Weddings}

{Root Beer Floats (or Rainbow Sherbet and Sprite Floats!) from Twelve Baskets Catering – Mike Tabolsky Photography}

Leann Geiger of Celebrate! Catering, suggests that their guests want it easy and interactive. “We’ve had a lot of fun when we’ve done Italian soda bars, lemonade bars but the most fun was a hot cocoa bar.”

{Hot Cocoa Station for a Winter Wedding – Sweet Buffet Lady}

{Special Lemonades – Twelve Baskets Catering}

We suggest fun Pacific Northwest flavors like Raspberry, Strawberry, Lavender, Rosemary, Strawberry Mint, Vanilla Mint Lemonades to our couples!

Another fun way to enhance the festivities is to use real bar glasses for mocktails. Many of the rental companies in the Snohomish Wedding Guild offer al kinds of fun option for special beverages.

{Copper Moscow Mule Mug – Grand Event Rentals}

This Sangria recipe below from Alexa’s Catering sounds amazing and would be perfect served in this Bolero glass from Grand Event Rentals and served at the “Bar”:

{Bolero Glass from Grand Event Rentals}

Non-Alcoholic Sangria from Alexa’s Catering: Cranberry juice, grape juice, orange juice, lemon and fresh fruit

{Happy Camper Cocktail Company’s “Cherry Bomb Mocktail” in fancy rocks glass - Erin Perkins Photography}

With so many ideas and options for you to choose from, your guests will be having so much fun at your wedding, they will probably forget there wasn’t any alcohol… and they will be thanking you the next day, I’m sure! Cheers!


Jaffrey Bagge is the Social Media and Marketing Manager for Twelve Baskets Catering. As the owner's daughter, she's been in the business for all of her 34 years. When she isn't organizing open houses or snapping photos of food and setups, Jaffrey loves to travel with her husband, watch films, and cut paper snowflakes.