Real Weddings: It’s All in Snohomish!

After Michael asked Julianne if she would marry him, and after she said yes (of course), came the next BIG question – where would they get married? They looked around at a lot of venues, but when they visited Belle Chapel in Snohomish, they knew their search had ended!

Julianne and Michael loved the antique, classic style of Belle Chapel and she said it fit perfectly with the theme of her Wedding! She and Michael also really liked the layout of the venue; they said having the reception hall underneath the ceremony space was super convenient and made the whole event flow very well!

The happy couple said getting great photographs was a key part of their Wedding, and so choosing a beautiful classic venue was also an important factor for the photography, and few can compare with Belle Chapel! Originally built as Methodist Church in Snohomish in 1885, the stunning architectural aspects of both the interior and exterior of Belle Chapel make is the perfect backdrop for Wedding Photography. Inside, Belle Chapel has a stunning vaulted ceiling and a beautiful hardwood floor. Outside, it’s signature spire and classic white facade become powerful visual elements in any Wedding Photograph.

A lot of couples that we have worked with have shared this same request – to have their beautiful and scenic Wedding Venue be a key element in the majority of their Wedding photographs. Since Julianne and Michael decided on a Fall Wedding, they got the added bonus of having beautiful changing leaves as another accent in their photography. Not only is the Belle Chapel an amazing location for Wedding Photographs, but many other Snohomish Wedding Venues are also ideal for Wedding Photography as well Fall photographs amidst the colorful, changing leaves.

After the Wedding, the happy couple and their family enjoyed a delicious dinner courtesy of The Portley Pig BBQ. Portley Pig served up the most delicious ribs on earth, along with top-notch beaked beans and corn bread! Everything was cooked up right on location in the Belle Chapel’s parking lot, brought in through the back door and served up right off the grill – amazing!

Julianne and Michael said that in general, they just love Snohomish. When it came time to pick a location for their rehearsal dinner, they also wanted to stay in Snohomish, so they went with Cabbage Patch Restaurant. Cabbage Patch Restaurant has been one of the best know restaurants in Snohomish since 1975. Their food is absolutely amazing and the restaurant’s antique, rustic style lent itself perfectly for the theme of the Wedding the following day.

Julianne grew up near Snohomish and attended church in Snohomish as a child, so the town has personal significance for her as well. Plus, she and Michael really enjoy Snohomish as a couple. Julianne and Michael love to stroll through the center of town together and visit all the great stores and shops. So maybe it’s no wonder that when I was talking with them about a location for their Engagement Session in the Spring of 2017, we chose – you guessed it – Snohomish!

Our journey that day took us through downtown and then on to the paved walkway that follows the path of the Snohomish River. It was a bright, sunny day and we had so much fun walking along and taking spontaneous, wonderful Engagement photographs.

For Julianne and Michael, the questions about where to have their Engagement Session, Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding all had the same answer – Snohomish! With its vintage flare and antique, rustic charm many other couples, like Julianne and Michael, are choosing Snohomish as the location for their Weddings and Engagement Sessions and as a destination for some well-deserved leisure time!

And believe me, I know first-hand how great it is to get married in Snohomish; my wife Teresa and I were also married at Belle Chapel in 2003 and our almost 15-year marriage is going strong! If you are looking for the perfect place to marry, you too can have your dream Wedding happen in Snohomish!


Edmund founded Rose-Lily Photography in 2005. He uses light beautifully to produce artistic, timeless images for Rose-Lily clients. Edmund, his wife Teresa, their daughter and a variety of companion animals live in North Snohomish County.