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The Snohomish Wedding Tour: Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Day

Oh my gosh! It's almost here! We are just a few days away from the biggest wedding show in Western Washington - The Snohomish Wedding Tour! In case you are just starting your wedding planning search and have never heard of The Snohomish Wedding Tour, let me give you a hand.

The Snohomish Wedding Tour brings together all of the fantastic Venues in the Snohomish, Washington area plus dozens of Vendors in a road-tripping, wedding show adventure. Each Venue is open and decorated so that prospective couples can see first-hand what their future wedding might look like there. Also, some of the best wedding professionals in the state are on-hand so that if you want to be able to assemble your wedding day Dream Team, you don't have to go very far!

There are Caterers with food samples, DJ's playing music to set the tone, Wedding Planners & Coordinators, Beverage Companies serving non-alcoholic yet refreshing drinks, Photographers, Florists with their beautiful decorations, and so much more.

The setting is casual, fun and like no other experience in the state. And why do we think that? Well because we have literally some of the best Venues in the entire state that call our town "Home."

So, you've registered for the Tour and you've gotten your Tour Map emailed to you and now you're ready to plan the day. Here are some Tips for getting the most out of the experience. (Wait? You haven't registered yet? No worries - do it here.)

1. Make Your List of Who You Want to See

In the ten years the Snohomish Wedding Guild has been putting on the Snohomish Wedding Tour, we have a learned a thing or two and one is that most people are able to only get to six or seven venues total. With (14) locations on the Tour this year, this means that you will have to have a plan ahead of time on where you want to go and who you want to see. Sure, you can bust your butt and get to all (14) if you'd like but we don't give out Gold Stars for visiting all of the locations! All kidding aside, we want to make sure that you are able to take advantage of the opportunity to really get to know our Vendors and so plan giving yourself some time at each location plus the driving between Venues.