Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue - Top Tips from Wedding Pros

One of the most important pieces of the wedding planning puzzle is your venue. Until you nail this down it’s really hard to do much else when it comes to prepping for your day. For many couples it can also be the most overwhelming part too. Hopefully this blog post will help get you on the right track to figuring out exactly what you need to be looking for and some top tips from wedding pros that you might not have yet considered.

Joanna Monger Photography at Hidden Meadows

Wedding planner Emily Sullivan from Prudence and Sage suggests you “Book your venue after you’ve laid out your priorities and spending plan, but before you do anything else. The availability of the venue you choose will likely determine your wedding date. On that note, go in to shopping for your venue with a time of year or month in mind, rather than a specific date. There is nothing that will bum you more than walking in to your dream venue, only to find your wedding date is booked.”

Green Gates at Flowing Lake by B Jones Photography

Torry Wahl from Raise A Glass Weddings points out how important it is to “Find out what each venue provides (tables, chairs, lighting, fire pit etc.) that way you can budget based on what is supplied by each venue. If a venue doesn’t provide tables/chairs/linens, then that is an additional expense to think about.”

Swan Trails Farms - Joanna Monger Photography

On a similar note Happy Camper Cocktail Co’s Belinda Kelly’s top tip when it comes to venue shopping on a budget is to “consider the amount of decor that will be required to make the venue have the look you're going for at your wedding. Pick a venue that melds well with the theme/feeling you want to accomplish and you'll save money on tablescapes and other decor, rather than trying to build that from the ground up.”

Maroni Meadows by Jenny GG

Candi Block from Thrifty Events brings up a good point about checking whether your venue has a getting ready room on site. “it’s really nice to arrive to the venue and stay on-site the entire day, have a place to store your bags and personal belongings, and not need to pack up mid-day to change locations”

Amee Quiriconi owns two wedding venues in Snohomish - Woodland Meadow Farms & Dairyland - and so she knows a thing or two about wedding venues says “The top 3 questions I get are about our Catering policy, alcohol policy and how long the rental period is. I tell everyone I meet, from that point on, go with your "feeling" about a space because what you feel the day you book is 1,000 times better on your wedding day. And you will "know" your venue when you see it. Tracy Stocker owner of Hidden Meadows echoes this sentiment when she recommends you to “listen to your heart” when it comes to picking your venue.

Hidden Meadows by Joanna Monger Photography

Olympic View Estates by Joanna Monger Photography

Good luck with your venue search and be sure to check out the wealth of great wedding venues we have right here in Snohomish.


Joanna Monger is the owner and lead photographer at Joanna Monger Photography. When Joanna is not photographing you can find her out exploring and hiking the beautiful PNW or playing with her 3 small humans all whilst drinking ridiculous amounts of tea.