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Pin It! Best Practices For Using Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding Photography

Photo Credit: Jon Kaplan Photography Venue: Woodland Meadow Farms

Planning a wedding can take a great deal of work, but there are many resources that have been made available to us in the last several years that have made the planning process that much easier, one of those many resources that has emerged as a real “game changer” has been Pinterest. Pinterest has connected us to a near unlimited stream of inspiration when it comes to all facets of weddings, one of which is being able to plan out our portraits throughout the day.

Photo Credit: Joanna Monger Photography

Photo Credit: Jon Kaplan Photography

While it can be a very useful tool for determining what types of portraits you’d like, it also can sometimes set unrealistic expectations and can sometimes discourage your photographer from using their trademark style that they have developed over their many years in the wedding industry. While it is a very helpful tool, it is important to discuss the best ways to use Pinterest in a way that provides clarity on what styles and preferences “catch your eye”, but it’s equally important to discuss some of the drawbacks that can occur when sending your wedding photography “boards” to your wedding photographer.