Pin It! Best Practices For Using Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding Photography

Photo Credit: Jon Kaplan Photography Venue: Woodland Meadow Farms

Planning a wedding can take a great deal of work, but there are many resources that have been made available to us in the last several years that have made the planning process that much easier, one of those many resources that has emerged as a real “game changer” has been Pinterest. Pinterest has connected us to a near unlimited stream of inspiration when it comes to all facets of weddings, one of which is being able to plan out our portraits throughout the day.

Photo Credit: Joanna Monger Photography

Photo Credit: Jon Kaplan Photography

While it can be a very useful tool for determining what types of portraits you’d like, it also can sometimes set unrealistic expectations and can sometimes discourage your photographer from using their trademark style that they have developed over their many years in the wedding industry. While it is a very helpful tool, it is important to discuss the best ways to use Pinterest in a way that provides clarity on what styles and preferences “catch your eye”, but it’s equally important to discuss some of the drawbacks that can occur when sending your wedding photography “boards” to your wedding photographer.

We’ve all heard the term “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that saying really does ring true in this situation. Pinterest can be a very effective way to quickly provide examples of types of imagery that sticks out to you two. By providing clear examples of imagery you like you can save a lot of time, yet also eliminate the chances of misinterpretation if you were to simply explain what types of work you like with words.

While sending over a few select images over to your photographer that you’d like isn’t going to cause any major problems, it can be a issue when a photographer is sent over a entire board and then be asked to capture all of the included images. Photography is a art and the photography you’ve made contact with about taking your wedding photos has most likely spent a great deal of time developing their own styles and methods. At this point, you’ve probably already visited your photographer’s portfolio and have been drawn to their style of photography.

So while using Pinterest as a reference tool can be very useful, using it as a means to mimic styles of photography that you want and then pass it along to your photographer can take a lot of the fun, style and spontaneity out of your wedding portraits.

Local photographer Melissa Miksch mentioned, “The gist of what I tell my clients is that while Pinterest is great for getting inspiration for the kind of general feel you want, trying to recreate exactly what you see becomes a pursuit of copying someone else's day, and not celebrating what's special about you. I tell them them that I'm happy to look at anything they want to send my way, and I'll use it as a guide for the kinds of moments they want captured, but 99% of the time we won't try to replicate anything. This way, they come away with photos are all about them and their day, not about trying to do something someone else did.”

Photo Credit: Jeff & Rebecca Photography

Pinterest is used as a inspirational tool for all areas of planning a wedding and not used strictly for photography. Couples are using Pinterest more and more to coordinate the smallest of details, all the way down to the flowers, the bouquet and even what they wear for their wedding day. The important thing to remember is that your upcoming wedding should be personalized to you as a couple to tell your unique love story.

Local wedding planner and coordinator Stefanie Brown of Forever Events summed it up perfectly when she said, “I believe strongly in personalization and creating a wedding that represents the couple, and if you are only seeking to duplicate a Pinterest pin it limits your ability to infuse your own personalities. So, yes to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, but remember to take those ideas and find a way to make them your own.”

While it’s entirely up to you how you plan your wedding or how you use Pinterest to organize your inspiration, I think it’s important to remember that your wedding day is just that - yours. Find ways to make the day special and personal to both of you all the way down to the details. The more personal and unique you keep your planning, the more special and intimate your photography will be and, ultimately, the more you will enjoy looking back on your cherished love story.

And you can visit the Snohomish Wedding Guild Pinterest page for more inspiration!


Jon Kaplan is the lead photographer and owner of Jon Kaplan Photography. Jon Kaplan is based out of the city of Snohomish and has worked as a full-time photographer all over the Pacific Northwest the last 5 years. Jon has enjoyed becoming a part of such a wonderful community and getting to know so many wonderful people in and around Snohomish. When Jon isn't working, he can often be found spending time with his friends and family, getting quality time with his dog "Lucy", hiking, running, going to concerts with friends and enjoying the arts as much as possible.