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Don’t let a little rain get in the way of your big day!

​Luma Weddings Photography, at Green Gates at Flowing Lake

Getting married in the Pacific Northwest can be so magical. Here in Snohomish, we’ve got gorgeous mountain and water views, beautiful sunsets, towering trees, and flowering gardens. But even if you’re getting married in the summer, there is always the chance of rain! If you are planning to have your ceremony outside, it’s always wise to come up with a Plan B, and sometimes even a Plan C! After talking with some seasoned event professionals and venues, we’ve come up with some ideas -- and encouragement -- in case it rains.

One thing to keep in mind: rain isn’t the only possible complication. We do occasionally get extreme heat in the summer as well. You won’t want your guests and family members getting heatstroke, so it’s always a good idea to have a water station or fans available during your ceremony for potential heatwaves. I have even seen some of our couples set out sunscreen bottles in the restrooms for guests to lather on!

“Regarding backup plans for outdoor weddings, I always encourage my clients to provide some refuge from the elements for their guests. Washington weather is so unpredictable, it’s quite beneficial to have a backup plan”, Torry Wahl of Raise a Glass Weddings suggests, “whether that means tents for potential rain or shaded seating areas to protect from the hot sun.” Regarding set up or backup plans, she has seen clients offer a variety of options including:

-baskets of umbrellas available in case of rain (or parasols in case of heat!)

-tents set up with cozy lounge seating under them to provide solace from the sun

-baskets of blankets in case it gets a little chilly

Torry also mentioned that “the most popular plan is to have an indoor space available to set up the ceremony in case of rain.” This could include a possible covered area at your reception venue, an additional area you are not planning to use, or consider renting a tent from Cort Party Rentals or Grand Event Rentals. They offer traditional white or clear tents, and more unique and fun options such as carnival style sail cloth tents. Even some covered bistro tables might be a good idea if you will be having an outdoor cocktail hour.