A Storybook Wedding in Snohomish

All Photos by Rose-Lilly Photography

I talked with Laura a couple weeks back about her Wedding with Brian on April 8, 2016. Like many couples before them, Laura & Brian chose to get married in Snohomish. So before asking them about why they made their venue and Wedding Event Professional choices, I asked her a simple question: why Snohomish? For Laura – that was an easy question – because they just moved there! Brian is a commercial airline pilot who enjoys flying small planes as well, so being close to a small-town airport was important. The location of Snohomish in relation to Seattle was also important since they both loved the idea of living in a place with a small town feeling that was still close to the big city.

When I asked Laura why she & Brian decided to get married at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish she said “because it was perfect”! Laura said they loved the stunning views of the mountains, the tall grass fields, the beautiful sunsets and the amazing venue itself. The picturesque scenery that Laura’s talking about is actually one of the reasons why Snohomish has become such an ideal location for many Wedding venues.

Laura described how they loved the layout at Hidden Meadows. Having an indoor / outdoor option (so the ceremony could go ahead rain or shine) was important to them, and Hidden Meadows has both a fantastic indoor ceremony area as well as a beautiful outdoor ceremony site with a gazebo set against a beautiful mountainous background. Over the years that we have photographed couples in Snohomish, it’s actually rained heavily only a couple times, and the times it has rained, it’s usually been brief and then the sun comes out. Laura went on to talk about the other major reason she & Brian (and Jennifer and I) really liked Hidden Meadows – great locations for photography!

At Hidden Meadows, photographers love the beautiful, long rustic covered walkway, the train tracks, the bench swing under the trees, the beautifully landscaped walkways with stunning floral and natural backgrounds, the open field with mountains in the distance and many other amazing spots! And the staff and Hidden Meadows has always been so helpful and accommodating, not only to the Bride and Groom and their friends and family, but to Photographers (like Jenn & I) and other vendors as well!

Laura said the other Snohomish Wedding Event Professionals she chose for her Catering and DJ Services also helped make her storybook Wedding in Snohomish come true!

For their Catering, Laura and Brian chose Trails End Catering. Laura said Trails End was top notch. She said they went to a complimentary tasting and the food tasted so amazing that it sealed the deal. Laura said the prime rib they requested as one of the main entrees at their reception super delicious as were the green beans and the rest of the buffet. Laura said Trails End really took time with them prior to the Wedding to coordinate and personalize their reception menu, which she and Brian really appreciated. Trails end has been catering Weddings in Snohomish since 2012. They offer pick-up or drop off meal service and incredible plated or buffet dinners. Besides catering, they also offer other great services like use of their on-site banquet room, set-up of the reception space, cake cutting and plating and bartending services from licensed and insured professional bartenders. Laura was so happy with the wonderful job Trails End did at their Wedding at Hidden Meadows, and no doubt they would do a fantastic job at yours as well.

And talking about fantastic Snohomish Wedding Event Professionals, Laura said she and Brian were so happy with Otto-Matic Mobile Music as their event DJs. Laura said they played a huge role in making their Wedding Day so memorable. She said their DJ met with them ahead of time to help go over their day-of schedule and song requests for their Wedding Reception. Laura said the professionalism and attention to detail from Otto-Matic Mobile Music were incredible and they danced the night away thanks to their awesome DJ services! Otto-Matic Music has won several awards and is recognized as one of the best DJ Services in Snohomish County. They make every effort to work with you to be sure your day goes as smoothly as possible and will help develop your song lists, set-up and lighting style. Laura and Brian were so happy with Otto-Matic Music and no doubt if you hire them as the DJs for your Wedding you will be as well!

So between Hidden Meadows, Trails End Catering and Otto-Matic Mobile Music, as well other amazing Wedding Event Professionals, Laura and Brian’s Snohomish Wedding became the dream Wedding they always imagined! Two years later, they are doing great and just welcomed their new daughter April (named after the month they got married) into their lives! I And if you come to Snohomish to get married, you can have your dream Wedding too!


Edmund founded Rose-Lily Photography in 2005. He uses light beautifully to produce artistic, timeless images for Rose-Lily clients. Edmund, his wife Teresa, their daughter and a variety of companion animals live in North Snohomish County.