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A Storybook Wedding in Snohomish

All Photos by Rose-Lilly Photography

I talked with Laura a couple weeks back about her Wedding with Brian on April 8, 2016. Like many couples before them, Laura & Brian chose to get married in Snohomish. So before asking them about why they made their venue and Wedding Event Professional choices, I asked her a simple question: why Snohomish? For Laura – that was an easy question – because they just moved there! Brian is a commercial airline pilot who enjoys flying small planes as well, so being close to a small-town airport was important. The location of Snohomish in relation to Seattle was also important since they both loved the idea of living in a place with a small town feeling that was still close to the big city.

When I asked Laura why she & Brian decided to get married at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish she said “because it was perfect”! Laura said they loved the stunning views of the mountains, the tall grass fields, the beautiful sunsets and the amazing venue itself. The picturesque scenery that Laura’s talking about is actually one of the reasons why Snohomish has become such an ideal location for many Wedding venues.

Laura described how they loved the layout at Hidden Meadows. Having an indoor / outdoor option (so the ceremony could go ahead rain or shine) was important to them, and Hidden Meadows has both a fantastic indoor ceremony area as well as a beautiful outdoor ceremony site with a gazebo set against a beautiful mountainous background. Over the years that we have photographed couples in Snohomish, it’s actually rained heavily only a couple times, and the times it has rained, it’s usually been brief and then the sun comes out. Laura went on to talk about the other major reason she & Brian (and Jennifer and I) really liked Hidden Meadows – great locations for photography!