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An Offbeat, Hippie, Raver Fall Wedding at Woodland Meadow Farms

Photo Credit: Melissa Miksch Photography.

Some weddings are gorgeous elegant affairs with gleaming crystals, tall cakes, and fancy ballrooms. Some weddings are quaint and cozy, with a only a few special guests and an intimate atmosphere. And then there's weddings that are more like the party that Maggie and Jason threw at Woodland Meadow Farms this past fall. Part DIY, part hippie, part raver, and a whole lot of fun - their wedding was one for the books.

Maggie and Jason aren’t the type to do a wedding the fussy way. They’re more the DIY Tie-Dyed flower girl dresses and groomsmen’s socks type. The ceremony in the round type. The taco truck type. And their wedding was awesome. Bec from Sane Weddings was their planner, and it was the perfect fit for her funky, laid back approach.

Olive and Opal made sure that Maggie was extra gorgeous and ready for the day with a look built to last: fake eyelashes included! (We won't say they're a must for your wedding, but they're pretty darn close!)

Beauty by Olive and Opal - photo by Melissa Miksch Photography

Bride & Groom at Woodland Meadow Farms - photo by Melissa Miksch Photography