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Your Wedding Day Photography Timeline: Planning For Success

Photography is a large part of most Weddings, so most Wedding photographers (like myself and my partner Jennifer) are committed not only to taking beautiful photographs, but also to making sure they keep the photography fun and stress free on your Wedding Day. One of the ways photographers help couples enjoy a successful, stress free Wedding Day is by meeting with them ahead of time to develop a Wedding Photography Timeline.

This plan includes the times of all the major Wedding Photography categories, as well as a list of the family members for Formal Family photographs. By developing this timeline months before the Wedding, photographers have plenty of time to iron out any scheduling kinks, allowing all of us to enjoy a relaxed day of Wedding Photography when the special day arrives! So let’s take a closer look at the Wedding Photography Timeline and hopefully it can help you with Wedding Day planning as well!

When it comes to major Wedding Photography categories, we like to break these up into 9 sections: Getting Ready, Reveal & Couple Photographs, Wedding Party, Family Formals, Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Certificate Signing, Reception and Send-Off. It’s important to note hear that these events may occur sequentially in a different order depending on Wedding Day variables such as the number of locations, having a couple reveal prior the Wedding (or not), the time when family members are planning to arrive and so forth. But for the most part, we’ve found this sequence is usually followed in some form or another, so let’s take a closer look at each of these Wedding photography categories.

Getting Ready (1.5 hours): Please remember we’re talking about the photography time, not the actual time. It’s pretty hard for a bride and her 5 bridesmaids to get their hair done, their make-up done and get into their dresses in 90 minutes; we’re just talking about the photography. So when we arrive, the Bride and the Bridesmaids are usually finishing up hair and make-up and not yet dressed. The first thing we’ll do is hang and photograph the Bride’s Wedding Dress (for the Dress’s well-being, this is a 2-person job). This is an important photograph as it showcases the beauty of the garment independent from the bride.

Photo: Rose-Lily Photography. Venue: The Belle Chapel

Once this is done, we immediately return the dress and then Jenn begins to photograph details in the Bridal Suite as the Bride and her Bridesmaids finish getting ready (such as the garter, special jewelry, shoes, Bridesmaids gifts and bouquets). Meanwhile, I abscond (temporarily) with the Bride’s Bouquet to use as a background for some great macro photography of the Wedding Rings.