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Food Trucks at Weddings - Yay or Nay?

Photo Joanna Monger Photography

Are you considering using a food truck for your wedding? Food trucks can potentially be a great option for more casual weddings, but there are some considerations you’ll need to think about though to make sure it’ll work for you at your venue.

If the idea of a food truck sounds intriguing, ask yourself: does a food truck fit the style of my wedding? Would the food be a good fit for the feel of the reception? Is there enough space at my venue for a food truck or two? You will definitely want to talk to your venue about the possibility of having a food truck, some don't allow it and some venues it just doesn’t work very well with the layout or amount of outdoor space.

Food trucks can (but not always) be a more affordable alternative to a sit-down plated dinner. Be mindful of the weather and the number of guests. Long lines in cold or rainy or super hot weather can be far from ideal. If you are having a large wedding, it might be best to opt for two or more trucks to help cut back on lines as well as offering variety for your guests.

Amée Quiriconi from Dairyland recommends that couples inquire with their food truck of choice about the truck's event catering experience. Not all of them have done weddings where the guests expect to be fed at about the same time. Catering a wedding is definitely different than other events so this is an important point to check.

Food Trucks in Courtyard at Dairyland

Candi Block from Thrifty Events shares her top tip when it comes to food trucks. “Consider having appetizers or side dishes served family style at the tables. This helps so everyone is able to eat while each table is dismissed to get in line to order directly from the truck.” She adds that “Food trucks are a great option for couples foregoing a traditional seated dinner. Guests can mingle and jump in line whenever they are ready, which allows for a more casual dinner atmosphere.”