5 Best Cake-Free Wedding Dessert Ideas

Photo Credit: Melissa Miksch Photography, Twelve Baskets Catering, Dairyland

While delicious cakes are amazing, sometimes you just don’t want cake, or you aren’t a cake person! I myself usually prefer a good cobbler or pie over cake, so today we are going to be talking about 5 awesome Cake-less wedding ideas for your own wedding!


Not only are artisan marshmallows an up and coming sweet, you can even get the shape and flavor customized! These are perfect as wedding favors (that people will actually try to sneak more then one of home!) or for your hot cocoa or s'mores bar at your wedding! Hey Sweets shows you with their set-up pictured here that yes even blueberries can be made into these delectable treats.


One of my personal favorite treats are the Macaroon. If baked right, they are so light and fluffy and the combination possibilities are endless! I haven’t tasted one I haven’t liked! Check out this beautiful cake-free dessert station with colorful macaroons front and center by Twelve Baskets Catering.

Mini Mousse and Mini martini pies

These mini delights in cups are sure to be a super fun alternative at your wedding! They are perfect grab and go desserts and are delicious! Check out these tasty mini's here and in the photo earlier done by Twelve Baskets Catering for an event at Dairyland. Photos by Melissa Miksch Photography.


Cupcakes are soooo 2017, now all the rage in the wedding dessert industry are Doughnut bars!!! And we have to say we LOVE them! We recommend finding a baker who can make a variety of flavors for your big day and if you google Doughnut bar on Pinterest you will get a lot of fun ways to display them too!

Photo Credit: Jeff and Rebecca Photography

Pies & Cobblers

Remember how I said I have totally swapped my birthday cakes for cobblers? Well it’s true! You can do a large pie bar, where all of your pies are full sized and people just grab a slice, or you can do a lot of fun mini pies!

The Snohomish Pie Company has provided regular pies mini pies on a stick for several Snohomish weddings, including this one at French Creek Manor. Thanks Melissa Miksch Photography for making me hungry with these pictures!