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Engagement Photos: 5 Reasons Why Your Wedding Photographer Should Photograph Them

Engaged couple

With the holidays being such a whirlwind of celebration, rich foods, gift-giving and quality time with family and friends, it’s also a popular time for “popping the question”! While it is important to take some time in the coming weeks to simply let yourself be excited and thrilled for your engagement, it won’t take long before you start turning to the planning process and engagement photos are a big part of that.

Engagement photos can be helpful for many reasons - they’re fun, they get you as a coupe thinking about what you’d like your wedding photos to look like and they can provide imagery that perfectly tells your story and looks good on a “save the date” or printed and framed and used as accents throughout your wedding decor, too!

While there are many wonderful photographers that are available to you, it’s important to start thinking about how to set yourself up for your perfect engagement photos and, in the process, set yourself up for perfect photos of your wedding day. You’ll most likely find that some of your hobbyist photographer friends and family will offer up a opportunity to gift you some engagement photography, while this is a kind gesture it is important to understand the many benefits of having the same photographer shoot both your engagement photos and your wedding photos and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Spending time with your wedding photographer can be a important investment.

It’s not like you’re getting married to your photographer or anything, but they definitely are a big part of your wedding day and you’ll find that you have to spend a lot of your day with him/her. Having a extra couple of hours to spend with the photographer to understand how they work and their personality can ensure you are all the more relaxed when being photographed by them on your wedding day. Local wedding photographer Melissa Miksch summed it up nicely when she said, “It gives us a chance to see how you behave on the other side of the camera. So we get to know a bit more about what makes you laugh, what makes you uncomfortable, and how to best work with you as an individual. That gives us the power to be our most successful on the wedding day, and puts you at ease because you've done this already.” Your wedding should be fun and energized and your vendors can be a big part of that! Finding someone that is fun to be around and easy going can go a long ways. Let’s face it, most of us are not models and can often times be uncomfortable in front of a camera, spending that extra time with your wedding photographer can ensure that you are a bit more at ease with him/her when they do show up on your wedding day. 2. As a worst case scenario, it gives you a chance to find another wedding photographer While most photographers are professional and very good at what they do, that doesn’t mean all photographers are the right fit for you. If for some unfortunate reason you do find that your engagement photographer is flaky, difficult to work with, take photos that you don’t enjoy or don’t deliver on what they said that they would - you should always have the option of going a different direction. To ensure you’re relaxed and ready for a fun shoot, you don’t necessarily want to enter the engagement session viewing it as a interview. It is, however, a chance to see how well your photographer communicates and follows through with what they said they were going to deliver.