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Pantone Has Spoken: Ultra Violet

Each and every year Pantone, the company responsible for creating a universal color matching system for use in textiles and printing in 1963, chooses a Color of The Year and the wedding industry gets buzzing with ideas!

So, when Ultra Violet was announced as the Color of the Year 2018, we asked our vendors in the Snohomish Wedding Guild what they thought.

While not expressing the deeper reasons Pantone expressed for choosing the cosmically stimulating color, right away, many saw the bold choice as an exciting new accent for wedding style pallets this upcoming season.

Emily Sullivan, planner and floral designer who owns both Prudence & Sage and Paeonia Pines said "I am excited to use this in floral and in statement decor pieces, like violet colored vases and glassware. Violet is a beautiful color that would accent a lot of color pallets."

Rebecca Tulloch of Jeff & Rebecca Photography added " I can even see brides accessories like shoes or an ombre purple dress would be to die for!!!"

With an eye towards the exotic, Melissa Miksch of Melissa Miksch Photography issued a challenge "I think it's a great wedding color! I'd love to see someone do it with another super bright color like orange, hot pink, or neon green."

But Ultra Violet came as no surprise to planner/coordinator Rebecca Iverson of Sane Weddings. "I just bought lipstick this color, look at me being all trendy! But seriously, popping some metallics into the violets will be the most all of awesome!!"

And Shane Meehan of Diamond Event Planning & Floral was equally enthusiastic "I love this color! It will give flowers a unexpected pop of color when it’s mixed with the right colors."

Stephanie Walls of Stephanie Walls Photography sees the choice as multi-dimensional. "Violet's are one of those colors that can be very traditional to edgy & eccentric with the use of the right color palette."

While Candi Block of Thrifty Events saw its potential to be divisive, especially in the Northwest, but still appreciates the strong color chosen. "I think couples will either love it or hate it (maybe depending on their loyalty to the University of Washington!) Either way, it's nice to see a bolder color being chosen this year.

Brenda Chovanak of the Snohomish Center, summarized it all perfectly when she stated "This is a beautiful shade for many skin tones. Bridesmaids will really like it! It will coordinate well with a true white gown or ivory...and all the blush tones in-between! The florals that can be created are endless too! Some of the past popular colors don’t occur in nature, which can be horrible in photos. I love this shade!"