Best Places for a Fall Snohomish Wedding

October is that time here where everyone in the Snohomish Valley is thinking about pumpkins! The trees are beautiful. The crowds are friendly. Moreover, most of our favorite farm wedding venues, such as Swans Trail Farms and Craven Farm, wrap up their wedding seasons so that they can invite families to come back for corn mazes, pumpkin tossing, and more family-friendly fun. While some even go the extra spooky mile, like Thomas Family Farms and Stocker Farms, who offer haunted houses, zombie hunting, and a daring trip through a corn maze in the dark with only your flashlight!

However, if you love Snohomish is much as we do and want to get married here, do you have to give up on your hopes of having a beautiful Snohomish fall wedding? The answer is no! While most of the other outdoor venues shut down for the winter, there are still several that are open through October and ready to host you and your friends and family.

Hidden Meadows

If winter is slow to start and summer is still hanging in the air, then Hidden Meadows is a great place for an October wedding. The grounds are wide and open, so if the rain is nowhere in the forecast, your wedding and friends can sit outside around the fire or mingle in a beautiful fall evening. However, if mother nature does decide that you need a little rain on your wedding day, there is a large grand hall for up to 300 people to keep everyone warm and dry through the night.

Belle Chapel

Located in the heart of the historic residential district of Snohomish the Belle Chapel offers a blend of historic church interiors with modern amenities. The Chapel is perfect for intimate affairs and provides features to do both a ceremony and reception within the comfort of its Victorian-era walls. Moreover, you do not have to go any further than out on the street to take beautiful photos with the old oak trees lining the historic streets and their vibrant leaves in the background.

Feather Ballroom

The Feather Ballroom, located in historic downtown Snohomish, is a great place in October. The streets are lively and vibrant, and the energy is high from all of the visitors to town who have come to shop and visit the farms. Views from the building and at the street level showcase the best that Snohomish has to offer. The Historic Downtown storefronts are all decorated for fall and make unique backdrops for photos while the trees are all beautiful shades of your favorite autumn colors. If you want that perfect blend of small town and country all in one, this place cannot be beat!

Olympic View Estates

Olympic View Estates is one of Snohomish’s mixed-use facilities. The bulk of the area is outdoors however it does have a small barn and covered patio to keep guests sheltered from the rain and warm. This allows Olympic View Estates to take their wedding season all the way through the end of October. Beautiful landscaping surrounds the property, but the big feature here is, as the name puts it, a stunning view of the fall valley and the Olympic Mountains to the west.

French Creek Manor

The French Creek Manor is located outside the City of Snohomish in the foothills. Moreover, like many Snohomish area neighborhoods, it has plenty of trees and landscaping to give you a beautiful experience. The French Creek Manor has all the features for doing a ceremony and reception either outdoors if the weather cooperates or indoors in case it does not.


Dairyland is the biggest farm venue in Snohomish that does not do a Pumpkin Festival. However, they do shut down mid-November and get ready for Christmas trees and the holiday season. The location has a beautiful ceremony hill overlooking the adjacent tree farms and is surrounded by Japanese Maples. However, if the weather does get a little wet, the ceremony can take place in the vintage whitewashed barn.

The Lookout Lodge

The Lookout Lodge is a quintessential Pacific Northwest experience. It has tall towering evergreens as well as shelter to keep everybody warm and dry. The Lookout Lodge is mainly an outdoor venue but because of its shelters and covering it able to go until the end of October.

The Snohomish (Senior) Center

While the Snohomish Center has all of the features to be able to have a wedding and reception in their space, their biggest asset to a couple would be someone looking to do a park or rural ceremony in the area but wants to have an inviting location for a reception and dinner. The Snohomish Center has a commercial kitchen on site as well as all of the tables and chairs one would need to host up to 100 people. It is also located in the town of Snohomish making it easy spot to get to.