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Wedding Planning Tips

Timelines! Vendors! Scheduling! Oh My! Let our experts help you with planning your best ever Snohomish Wedding! 


Introducing the "New" Twin Willow Gardens

If you know the Snohomish wedding market, then you know that Twin Willow Gardens has been a staple of the Snohomish Wedding Guild for many years. However, it has undergone some ownership changes in the last four years after the original owners sold the venue. Just the past year, it was purchased again by Rhea and Rio Ingram in late 2017. The couple was introduced at the Snohomish Wedding Guild January meeting and received a warm welcome from the members. Since taking over the venue, the Ingram's have put in significant time, energy and investment into updating the venue. So, while many have been to a wedding at Twin Willow Gardens over the years, it's fair to say that the new version is not

Get Published! MySnohomishWedding.com Launches a new Real Snohomish Weddings Submission Process

It's no lie - we love Snohomish. Obviously. And we love to be able to show the world not only what a wonderful place it is to host a wedding or event but also all of the high-quality professionals who live and work in the area. Plus, all of us in the industry will tell you that meeting so many amazing couples and their families and friends is what inspires us to do what we do. I mean, just look at this picture by Arlene Chambers Photography taken at Jardin Del Sol and should be obvious why we want to show off a little! So, this week we have launched a new program that invites our couples to get their wedding published on MySnohomishWedding.com. Since launching our new website in December of

Real Snohomish Wedding (VIDEO): A May Wedding at Hidden Meadows

While it wasn’t our first trip to Hidden Meadows in Snohomish–and we certainly hope it isn’t our last–this time it was in the lovely, warm month of May. Alas, this was also for the May Wedding, as in their name is May, and they got married in May. Got it? Don’t worry, words are hard. The utterly gorgeous area, able to fit up to 350 guests, features some of our favorite breathtaking views that tease you with never ending nights and a sky full of stars. Any time of year you’ll find some great views, and they even offer indoor ceremonies if the weather gets a little damp... Read the rest of the original post here >> Click! My Snohomish Wedding Vendors: Venue – Hidden Meadows Videographer – Best

Real Snohomish Wedding: Forested Relaxed Wedding With Backyard Vibes

Admittedly, it's hard to not think of historic farms and barns when someone mentions a Snohomish Wedding. But, Snohomish is also home to some amazing outdoor venues that are rustic, elegant, lush, and most importantly - leaving you feeling warm, relaxed. And believe it or not, we have some stunning quintessential Pacific Northwest venues full of towering evergreens - no trips to the mountains required! This week, we're sharing a wedding that was recently published in Bridal Musings. The wedding took place at one of Snohomish's best-loved outdoor wedding venues - Maroni Meadows and included another amazing team of Snohomish Wedding Guild professionals. EVENful Moments handled all of the weddi

From Farm to Wedding: How to Source Snohomish Flowers

Venue: Woodland Meadow Farms, Photo Credit: Tony Asgari Photography Is there anything more uplifting or a better “pick me up” than grabbing a bouquet of flowers to put on your kitchen table and brighten your week? If you love that, imagine how much fun and dreamy it would be to handpick the flowers for a wedding - your wedding in fact! Benefits There are many benefits to using locally grown flowers for your big day. The first and most obvious is that you get to source and pick them yourself. You get to be the one looking at the colors and shapes and deciding what you love the most. You also get to talk with the farmer or grower about what would be best for your time of year, your colors, and

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