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Wedding Planning Tips

Timelines! Vendors! Scheduling! Oh My! Let our experts help you with planning your best ever Snohomish Wedding! 


It's Not Just Wedding Season! It's S'mores Season!

Y’all, it’s summer. And while it’s “wedding season” to every wedding professional and current couple in America, it’s also another season here in the great U.S.A. S’mores season. Ok, so maybe more generally speaking, it’s bonfire season. But we all know that the best part about camp fires (or fire pits if you don’t happen to be camping) are the delicious things you can cook on them. And we all know that the best thing you can cook on an open fire is dessert. So, while you’re in the midst of planning your wedding during the peak of s’mores season - maybe you should think about including them in your big event. Because almost everyone loves a gooey melty marshmallow. Fire pits abound at t

When You Don't Need Alcohol To Have a Good Time: Tips For Having a Fun Dry Wedding

{Dancing at Dairyland – Green Ginger Photography} While beer, wine, and liquor are often something folks expect at a wedding reception, some couples prefer not to have any alcohol at their celebration for religious or other reasons. What do you do when you’ve decided to cut the booze? There are many fun and unique ways to still help your guests have a great time at your dry soiree. We’ve talked with a few awesome event pros in the area and have come up with some ideas for your wedding or next special event! If you’re hoping to just save some cash but would still like to have alcohol at your wedding, take a look at this other feature on our blog for tips to save money on catering. If you’re a

Real wedding - An American / Mexican wedding at Swan Trail Farms

What do you get when you combine two great families, an incredibly sweet and laid back bride and groom and a stellar group of wedding vendors? The answer is an amazing, relaxed and completely stress free wedding day!!! Everything from start to finish on Olivia and Chip’s wedding day really was just a pleasure to be part of. The setting for their wedding was the immaculate and charming Swan Trail Farms in Snohomish with it’s beautiful grounds and rustic barn. Olivia opted for an unusual color palette of coral and teal and I loved how cheerful it was. The flowers by Flowers by Tiffany were beautiful; soft and feminine just perfect for Olivia. There were plenty of nods to Olivia’s Mexican heri

Real Weddings: It’s All in Snohomish!

After Michael asked Julianne if she would marry him, and after she said yes (of course), came the next BIG question – where would they get married? They looked around at a lot of venues, but when they visited Belle Chapel in Snohomish, they knew their search had ended! Julianne and Michael loved the antique, classic style of Belle Chapel and she said it fit perfectly with the theme of her Wedding! She and Michael also really liked the layout of the venue; they said having the reception hall underneath the ceremony space was super convenient and made the whole event flow very well! The happy couple said getting great photographs was a key part of their Wedding, and so choosing a beautiful c

5 Reasons You Need To Do The Snohomish Wedding Tour on June 3, 2018

Did you wait until the last minute to decide what your weekend plans are? Are you still on the fence about making the drive aaaalll the waaaaay to Snohomish? Well, fortunately, it's not too late to register and get your Tour Map for this Sunday's 10th Annual Snohomish Wedding Tour. But if you're still not convinced it's worth the drive, here are five reasons why you need to reconsider. 1. (14) of The Best Venues in Western Washington All Open on the Same Day Yes, this is the only chance you get all year long to visit Snohomish's awarding-winning wedding venues on the same day. The locations are all decorated and set-up so that you can see first-hand and imagine how each place would look lik

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