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Wedding Planning Tips

Timelines! Vendors! Scheduling! Oh My! Let our experts help you with planning your best ever Snohomish Wedding! 


The Snohomish Wedding Tour: Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Day

Oh my gosh! It's almost here! We are just a few days away from the biggest wedding show in Western Washington - The Snohomish Wedding Tour! In case you are just starting your wedding planning search and have never heard of The Snohomish Wedding Tour, let me give you a hand. The Snohomish Wedding Tour brings together all of the fantastic Venues in the Snohomish, Washington area plus dozens of Vendors in a road-tripping, wedding show adventure. Each Venue is open and decorated so that prospective couples can see first-hand what their future wedding might look like there. Also, some of the best wedding professionals in the state are on-hand so that if you want to be able to assemble your weddin

Tips for a Successful Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot is a great way for you and your love to have some casual photos taken as kind of a “warm up” before your big day. I could go into all the great reasons why I recommend doing an engagement shoot but I’ll save that for another post. This post is going to be all about tips for getting the most out of your engagement shoot and making it stress free! Photo Joanna Monger Photography - www.joannamonger.com Discovery Park My biggest tip I can give my couples is to relax, have fun and trust your photographer. Presumably you have chosen your wedding photographer because you love their work and you click (no pun intended) with them personally. If this is the case you really need to

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue - Top Tips from Wedding Pros

One of the most important pieces of the wedding planning puzzle is your venue. Until you nail this down it’s really hard to do much else when it comes to prepping for your day. For many couples it can also be the most overwhelming part too. Hopefully this blog post will help get you on the right track to figuring out exactly what you need to be looking for and some top tips from wedding pros that you might not have yet considered. Joanna Monger Photography at Hidden Meadows Wedding planner Emily Sullivan from Prudence and Sage suggests you “Book your venue after you’ve laid out your priorities and spending plan, but before you do anything else. The availability of the venue you choose will l

2018 Snohomish Wedding Tour Sneak Peek!

The 10th Annual Snohomish Wedding Tour is just a few weeks away and this year is going to be the best one yet. For those of you who haven't heard of the Snohomish Wedding Tour, it is quite possibly the largest wedding show in Western Washington. And by large, we mean it covers 160 square miles! The Tour got its start in 2009 when the idea arose to to invite prospective couples to visit the wonderful array of Snohomish wedding venues in person. The Venues then collaborated with vendors so that each location could be set-up as a quasi-mock wedding day. This gives prospective couples an opportunity to see the Vendors and Venues at their best: in action. Each year the different venues and their

Pin It! Best Practices For Using Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding Photography

Photo Credit: Jon Kaplan Photography Venue: Woodland Meadow Farms Planning a wedding can take a great deal of work, but there are many resources that have been made available to us in the last several years that have made the planning process that much easier, one of those many resources that has emerged as a real “game changer” has been Pinterest. Pinterest has connected us to a near unlimited stream of inspiration when it comes to all facets of weddings, one of which is being able to plan out our portraits throughout the day. Photo Credit: Joanna Monger Photography Photo Credit: Jon Kaplan Photography While it can be a very useful tool for determining what types of portraits you’d like,

How Did the Tradition of Ring Bearers and Flower Girls Start Anyway?

Photo Credit: Stephanie Walls Photography The origins of ring bearers and flower girls are, at best, hard to pin down. Some date the tradition of ring bearers back to ancient Egypt. Back then, jewels were often carried on ornamental pillows during various celebrations including weddings. In medieval times, rings were often presented to the bride and groom on the tips of swords. (I can see Bec from Sane Weddings taking notes now). A page boy would carry the bride’s train and a prayer book during these times, and it is thought that wealthier families replaced the swords with pillows (a rarity in that day) to display their wealth, and thus transferred this duty to the page boy (and taking

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