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Wedding Planning Tips

Timelines! Vendors! Scheduling! Oh My! Let our experts help you with planning your best ever Snohomish Wedding! 


Making the Story of Your Lives the Story of Your Wedding

Jennifer and I photographed an incredible Wedding last July in Snohomish for one of our amazing 2017 couples, Brooke & Ben. I recently had a chance to talk with Brooke about her Wedding and how Jennifer and I were blown away by the level of planning she and Ben invested into all the details of their Wedding! When I asked Brooke to describe the ‘style’ of her Wedding, her response was “we wanted our Wedding to be fun and quirky, and reflect on who we were as individuals and a couple”. They really pulled it off – somehow all these different aspects of their lives, before and after they met, came together perfectly to make a Wedding styled uniquely for them! Hopefully the examples that follo

Engagement Photos: 5 Reasons Why Your Wedding Photographer Should Photograph Them

With the holidays being such a whirlwind of celebration, rich foods, gift-giving and quality time with family and friends, it’s also a popular time for “popping the question”! While it is important to take some time in the coming weeks to simply let yourself be excited and thrilled for your engagement, it won’t take long before you start turning to the planning process and engagement photos are a big part of that.

Engagement photos can be helpful for many reasons - they’re fun, they get you as a coupe thinking about what you’d like your wedding photos to look like and they can provide imagery that perfectly tells your story and looks good on a “save the date” or printed and framed and used

Napkin Folds & Table Settings: Creative ways to Dress up your Reception Tables

You've probably seen hundreds of photos on Pinterest and online of wedding reception guest tables with all the unique details and decor elements that really showcase the particular taste of the couple. One of the traditional elements of the classic table setting is the linen napkin. Such an unassuming and basic item, right? Wrong! If you saw many of those tables without a napkin at the place setting, you would really notice something missing. This key component adds a touch of elegance and class to any table, especially when it is presented with individual style! The art of napkin folding has been around since the 1800s, beginning with royalty and bourgeois society and has increased in popul

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